The birth of a baby always brings huge happiness to the family. It must be noted that women who have plans for their second babies must  know certain things regarding the dangers associated with the birth of the second baby. They must take a few steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Women who have got plans for second baby must follow these without fail for healthy pregnancy

Preconception planning:
It is important for the woman to have a preconception check up with a health care provider. The healthcare provider would evaluate the overall health and would suggest certain tips based on the medical history. It is worthy to note that preconception planning would also include optimising lifestyle choices like healthy weight maintenance, quitting smoking alcohol etc.

Nutritious diet and adequate supplementation:
For the pregnant to be healthy, the woman must have a well balanced diet. The woman must eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins etc without fail. The woman must also consume more folic acid, calcium, iron and other essential vitamins through dietary sources and by prenatal supplements.

Regular prenatal care:
For monitoring the progress of the pregnancy and to identify any complications etc, regular prenatal care is very important. The woman must have regular check-ups with the doctor plus she must get all tests done. By these, it would be possible to address any issue and get guidance on healthy habits etc.

Manage existing health conditions:
It is important to manage pre-existing health conditions like BP, diabetes and thyroid issues etc  effectively during the second pregnancy. The health care provider would suggest certain things to keep these conditions under control and to reduce potential risks.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:
Overall well being would become better and complications would get reduced for the woman by engaging in a regular physical activity. Healthy weight could be maintained by doing exercises like walking, swimming etc. By this, the blood circulation would become better and common discomforts would get reduced. It is necessary to sleep well, manage stress levels through relaxation techniques etc.

Educate and seek support:
The woman who has plans for a second baby must educate herself well regarding several aspects of pregnancy, childbirth etc. She must attend childbirth education classes plus join support groups and connect with other mothers who have got similar types of experience. By these, the woman planning for her second baby would be able to navigate her second pregnancy with tremendous self confidence.

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