The weather fluctuation that can occur in the month of October could lead to several diseases and infections etc in us. One common fever many of us get now is dengue fever where blood platelet count could decrease or become low. It must be taken into note that when there is a drop in the blood platelet or low platelet count in us then it would be difficult to prevent bleeding in us.

There are also other symptoms associated with low platelet count such as easy bruising, blood in urine etc, abnormal heavy menstrual flow, fatigue etc. To improve the blood platelet count and get fully cured from dengue fever we must consume certain foods.

Foods that we must eat to increase our blood platelet count levels are

Intake of leafy greens like spinach:

For our blood platelets to become more or increase, it is necessary that we must consume green leafy vegetables like spinach etc. The presence of vitamin k in the green leafy vegetables would prevent the bleeding and would help in clotting.

Intake of pumpkin:

There would be superb production of blood platelets in us if we eat pumpkin. This is rich in vitamins like A, C & E is known.

Intake of beans:

By eating beans, our blood platelet count level would be increased. This is mainly due to the presence of folate in the beans. Various types of beans that we can consume are turtle bean, pinto bean, black bean etc

Intake of papaya:

It is true that by eating papaya fruit our blood platelet count would be increased. This fruit is rich in vitamins like A, C and E etc is well known to us.

Intake of pomegranates:

It would be possible to combat low blood platelet count by consuming pomegranates. This fruit is rich in antioxidants plus iron, vitamin C etc.

Intake of beetroot:

The platelet production would be increased and our overall health would get boosted when we eat beetroot that is rich in iron content.

Intake of garlic:

Not many would be aware of the fact that consuming garlic would increase our blood platelet count. This is due to the presence of allicin in garlic. In addition, garlic would also act as a blood purifier.

Intake of eggs:

Many of us eat eggs these days. By consuming eggs that are rich in protein, there would be an increase in the blood platelet count in us.

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