With the busy work schedule now, it is natural that we all get mood swings. By mood swings we mean abrupt or sudden changes in the emotional state of a person. Mood swings can occur in both males and females.

In some persons, mood swings could be due to their mental or physical or emotional health condition also. In such cases, mood swings must be treated without fail. Some changes in the lifestyle along with medications would treat mood swings issues well.

Various reasons that can lead to mood swings in us are

PMS, menopause, pregnancy etc:

Both mentally as well as physically, a woman would undergo many changes right from her first period to menopause. It must be noted that PMS, menopause, pregnancy etc would affect the hormones. Point is that these major changes in the hormones would result in mood swings. Proper diet and lifestyle changes could help a woman to manage her mood swings well.

Lack of enough sleep:

Sound sleep is very much needed for us and by that our brain as well as our body would recover. By not sleeping well the previous night, we would feel cranky throughout the next day. It is necessary to fix sleep schedules to eliminate mood swings.

Low blood sugar levels:

When we don`t eat anything for a long time, then we could get low blood sugar levels. This would affect our mood. There are chances that we might feel both angry and hungry.

Bipolar disorder, depression etc:

Factors like bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety etc could lead to severe mood swings. So, please take care.


A person could experience mood changes if there are fluctuations in the amount of hormones the body produces. For overall health and mood, hormonal balance is necessary.


Medication would also affect our mood. There are some medicines that would increase our mood swings. It is necessary to consult a doctor.


Our brain functions would get affected when we consume excess caffeine and sugar etc. To prevent unnecessary mood swings, we must eat a well balanced diet

Manage mood swings:

We can manage our mood swings by doing exercises, doing meditation or yoga, visualisation techniques, by avoiding caffeine or alcohol, by showing gratitude and connecting with someone etc. It is possible to control mood swings by exposure to sunlight. Point is that bright sunshine would boost our mood.

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