What would make the students feel happy? The obvious answer is holidays and more holidays only. In this situation, this piece of news would make the college students feel delighted.

Information is that all colleges across TN would reopen on 19th of June only and this would be an extended summer vacation for the students.

To enable the eligible students to cast their votes in the forthcoming elections, the universities and colleges have been asked to complete their academic activities before 19th of April. This was mentioned by a senior officer from the Higher Education Dept. It must be taken into account that there would not be special classes in the colleges during the elections. He added that students and first time voters would be given enough time to reach their destinations to cast their votes.

It is now said that after the elections the TN colleges would decide about special summer camps for the students. The senior officer then concluded that the Election Commission or EC along with the TN government have created awareness regarding the importance of casting their votes for the elections.

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