Despite an increase in the number of TB or tuberculosis cases globally as reported by WHO, the cases have reduced now in the state of TN.
It is noteworthy that a study was conducted by the directorate of medical and rural health services and WHO or World Health Organisation- National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme or WHO- NTEP. The study has been published in the TN Journal of Public Health and Medical Research.
The study brought out that the stagnation or decline in TB cases despite increased examination of the people with symptoms suggests an overall decline in TB cases in TN. The study mentioned that these gains must be built upon in the years till 2025 to push for total TB elimination. The registry maintained by the TN TB division has provided data for the research study.
It must be noted that from 2015 to 2022 Tn reported an increase in the testing for TB by 69percent from 951per lakh population to 1610.4 per lakh population for those with symptoms like cough, fever, loss of weight etc.
Out of a total of 31 districts, as manya s 29 districts in TN reported an increase in testing. The analysis revealed that the actual notification rate for the infection dropped by 19% from 106 per 1lakhto 86 per 1lakh. It was brought out by state TB officer Dr. Asha Fredrick that over the last 3 months 50000 plus X Ray testing was done on those suspected to have tuberculosis.
Just 340 persons have been found as TB positive among this high risk group. To evaluate TN position for national awards, the analysis was carried out. Information is that in 2021 as many as 7 districts in TN bagged the bronze medal and Nilgris got the silver medal.  It was brought out by a national survey done from 2019 to 2021 that TB was present in 316 per 100000 persons in india.
As per Dr. Ramya Ananthakrishnan, director of REACH, a NGO that works towards the prevention and control of TB it was clear that till now  TB has not been eliminated totally in TN. She added that we must be careful and drop the guards.

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