Of all the wounds that can occur on our bodies, wounds due to the burns are  excruciatingly painful and tough to withstand!!

The wounds that occur due to burns are slow to heal and they mostly leave behind huge scars when not treated well. The superb piece of news now is that the famous Italian institute of Technology or IIT has come out with a sensational solution for the burn wounds.

A bandage has been prepared by some researchers belonging to IIT in Italy using biodegradable materials and enriched with vitamin C. It is believed that the bandage has the ability to accelerate the healing process plus it would address the effects of inflammation that is associated with burns.

The biodegradable materials that are used in the bandage are zein (a protein derived from maize), pectin (a naturally occurring sugar present in fruit peels) and soy lecithin (sourced from soybeans).

It is learnt that the matrix made with these biomaterials would not only adhere to the skin but also deliver vitamin C directly to the wound site.

Our body`s natural defence mechanism would be triggered by the burn injuries and due to that there would be inflammation, redness and swelling etc. It is known that inflammation is an important part of the healing process. Truth is that excessive inflammation could impede recovery by generating oxygen free radicals. Tissues might get damaged by these free radicals and healing time would get prolonged.

It must be noted that the new bandage developed by researchers at IIT in Italy has found a place in the journal ACS Applied Biomaterials. This bandage would control inflammation and lower the production of harmful free radicals. More conducive environment for the healing process would be provided by this vitamin C enriched bandage. By this, the recovery process for the burns patients would be speeded up.

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