On the occasion of the grand Naha Deepam Lighting scheduled tomorrow (Tuesday, 6th December) on the Copra on top of the 2668` mountain, the activity of lifting the copra to the mountaintop is in progress!
The devotees are engaged in the rather difficult task of lifting the copra, the wicks for the Deepam (light) and the ghee *clarified butter as fuel) to the top of the mountain!
The copra on which Maha Deepam is to be lit is of 5.9` in height and 250 kg in weight!
Over the last few days, repair works for this copra were undertaken to make it safe and ready! After repair, special poojas were performed for the Copra and it is now being taken to the top of the mountain.
The copra is made of Pacnalokas (5 metals) and is made of 3 tiers – Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Siva.
3500 litres of ghee contributed by the devotees and using 100 metres of thick cotton wicks will be used for lighting the Copra of Maha Deepam by tomorrow evening (Tuesday, 6th December) at 6.00 PM!

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