After the increase in the level by 900 cft (Cubic Feet), and the excess water is flowing out, ‘Flood Alert’ is being given by loudspeakers to the residents of the Gudiyatham, Kowndanya river bank!

Following the persistent heavy rain in the Vellore District Gudiyatham and the border areas of the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra, the inflow of water has increased in the Morthana Dam adjacent to Gudiyatham!

As such, the Morthana Dam is filled up to the brim to full capacity. Further, the inflow of water to the dam has been increasing as well and 250 cft of water was released from the dam yesterday (Monday, 17th October) morning! As such, the level has increased gradually with inflow and 900cft was flown out yesterday night!

With the excess water inflow, the residents of banks of the Kowndanya river, in the areas of Jittappalli, Sempalli, Agraharam, Rangasamudhiram, Perumbadi and Gudiyatham have been warned through loudspeakers with flood alert to move out from these areas to safer areas.

Further, the Police Department of Gudiyatham is engaged in safety and security activities in the Kowndanya River Banks!

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