For every parent, babies or newborns are highly precious!!

Parents would not feel happy seeing their newborn vomit. It is true that the issue of vomiting is a common cause for concern for the parents of the newborn. Occasional vomiting in newborns might not be a serious issue but persistent vomiting would reveal the presence of an underlying condition in the babies.

There are several reasons why newborns vomit and these are

Immature digestive system:
Truth is that the newborns would have an underdeveloped digestive system. This could lead to problems regarding processing of the breast milk etc. This would result in frequent vomiting in the newborns.

Gastroesophaeal reflux or GER:
When GER occurs in the newborns, then it would lead to vomiting. It is worth mentioning that GER occurs when the contents in the stomach goes back to oesophagus. Once when the baby matures the GER issue would go away.

The small stomach of the newborns or babies would get disturbed when they drink breast milk of formula milk in excess amounts. This would result in vomiting in the newborns.

Incorrect feeding position:
The newborn would vomit due to incorrect feeding positions also. For example, holding the newborn too flat or too upright would not be good for the newborns. This would result in reflux and vomiting etc.

Food allergies etc:
There are some babies that are allergic or sensitive towards breast milk or formula milk etc. As a result, the babies would vomit.

Gastrointestinal infections etc:
It is a fact that the presence of GI infections would also lead to vomiting in the newborns. So, parents must be careful.

Proper feeding practices to avoid or lower vomiting in newborns:
In lowering the vomiting and in improving the health, proper feeding practices etc would play a huge role.  Parents must refrain from feeding their babies with large volumes of food. They could provide small amounts food frequently. By this, overloading the small stomach of the babies would not be there.

By holding upright during feeding:
During and after feeding, the newborns must be kept in an upright position. This would in turn reduce the vomiting in the newborns.

By making baby to burp frequently:
To release any trapped air, parents must make their babies to burp frequently. This procedure would also reduce the risk of excess gas.

By making skin to skin contact:
The digestion in the newborns would get soothed and sense of security would be promoted when parents make skin to skin contact with their babies before and after feeding.

By avoiding overstimulation:
Parents must avoid over active play or bouncing etc after feeding their babies. This would avoid babies from vomiting.

By maintaining proper angle while feeding:
To avoid excess air intake, baby must be latched correctly while breastfeeding. Feeding bottles must be held at an angle to reduce air bubbles.

By consulting paediatrician:
Parents must consult paediatrician if their new borne vomits regularly.  The doctors would be able to rule out any underlying conditions in the babies.

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