What could be more easier than just drinking a glass of water to cure an infection inside us?

The urinary system consists of kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra. Fact is that most urinary infections would occur in the lower urinary tract, the bladder and the urethra. From outside, germs would enter the urethra and then they would move into the urinary bladder and to other parts belonging to the urinary system. Those infections that would take place in our urinary bladder are called bladder infections.

Various symptoms of urinary bladder infections:

Pain or burning feeling while urinating, presence of bloody or cloudy urine, foul or bad smelling urine etc. Persons with this issue would also have more frequency for urination and cramping in the lower abdomen etc.

Usually, a doctor would prescribe antibiotics to treat urinary bladder infection. By this, the good bacteria would also get destroyed. Hence, to cure this problem various home remedies are also used.

By consuming garlic:

The symptoms of urinary bladder infection would be lowered by intake of garlic cloves. It is important to mention that 4 to 5 garlic cloves could be chopped and then eaten daily for a week.

By drinking lots of water:

Those with urinary tract infection or UTI must drink lots of fluids. This would flush out bacteria from the bladder. It is important to drink the best available fluid that is water throughout the day. It is noteworthy that water is prescribed as it is free from caffeine plus other bladder irritants etc.

By avoiding alcohol:

The infection in the urinary bladder could get aggravated when the body gets dehydrated. This could happen by drinking alcohol which is a diuretic. There are more possibilities of the infection to come back again also by drinking alcohol. Hence, refraining from alcohol intake is essential.

By drinking Cranberry juice:

Those with urinary bladder infections must drink cranberry juice and this would reduce the bacteria in the bladder. Truth is that drinking cranberry juice might not cure the infection fully but it would reduce the infection.

By consuming baking soda:

Apart from many superb health benefits, intake of baking soda with water could also cure bladder infections. By drinking this c combo before breakfast the burning feeling would get lowered well.

By taking proper diet:

It is very important to eat a proper diet when a person has urinary bladder infection. Proteins must be avoided and fruits and vegetables must be consumed.

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