Mostly found growing in tropical SE Asia, sweet and sour fruit carambola or star fruit looks like a star outside. It has got a green and yellowish color. This fruit has distinctive ridges that run down the sides. There are many important ingredients present in this star fruit like potassium,  folate, vitamin C, vitamin B5 and it is low in calories too.
Various health benefits of consuming carambola or star fruits are
Controls blood pressure:
The presence of potassium and fibre in the star fruit would lead to reduction in the blood pressure. The star fruit can also be added to other fruits in our diet.
Controls bad cholesterol:
Bad cholesterol would lead to heart diseases etc in us and that could be very dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to control the bad cholesterol in us. Truth is that the presence of fibres plus other plant based components in this star fruit would control the bad cholesterol in us.
Good for weight loss:
By eating carambola, we could feel full for a long time and that is due to the presence of fibres in this fruit. By this, we would not eat excess foods. This would make us lose weight effectively.
Good for skin and hairs:
Our skin would benefit by eating this star fruit that has got vitamin C. The presence of vitamin B in this fruit would help in hair growth and hair health etc.
Better digestion and metabolism:
By eating star fruit, our digestion would become better and this is mainly due to the presence of dietary fibres in this fruit.  The stools would be able to pass out easily and constipation issues could be avoided. The presence of vitamin B in star fruit would help in the cell development and functioning etc. The hormone levels and enzyme levels would be in the normal range and this would be due to vitamin B and riboflavin.
Important note:
Not everybody can eat this star fruit. It must be noted that those persons with kidney ailments must not consume star fruit. The presence of neurotoxins in this fruit would not be good for those with kidney issues.

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