A deciduous tree belonging to the family Phyllanthaceae is amla or Indian gooseberry. This tree could be seen growing in India, Middle East and in other SE Asian nations etc. For several years, this amla has been in use in Ayurvedic medicine to treat several health issues. It is known that amla is rich in vitamin C. Intake of amla could provide us with numerous health benefits like diabetes control, improved digestion, better eyehealth etc. There are many persons who consume amla in excessive amounts also without knowing the truth that it could lead to some side effects.

Various side effects of excess amla intake are

Can cause acidity:
If amla is eaten in excess amounts, then the person could get acidity issues. This is due to the fact that amla is highly acidic in nature. Those persons who have a history of hyperacidity must never eat amlas in an empty stomach.

Can prevent blood clotting:
Persons who have blood related disorder must not eat amla in excess because ama can lead to blood thinning and prevent normal clotting of blood. The health experts have mentioned about how amla has antiplatelet properties in them.

Can cause hypoxemia:
When we eat amla in excess amounts then there are chances to get hypoxemia or low oxygen levels in the blood. This Hypoxemia can lead to severe acidosis or multiorgan dysfunction.

Can cause low blood sugar levels in diabetics:
Persons who are diabetic and take medications must not eat amla in more amounts as it could lead to drop in the blood sugar levels. This low blood sugar levels or hypoglycaemia could lead to  confusion, vision issues, numbness etc.

Can cause issues in pregnancy and breastfeeding;
Though amla is highly nutritious, pregnant mothers must not eat amla in excess amounts as it could lead to discomfort.

Can cause dehydration:
It is advised not to eat amla in more amounts as it could increase the production of urine in us due to its diuretic effect. This might even lead to dehydration issues and weight loss in some persons. Therefore, the pregnant woman must be very careful.

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