Do you get a headache or stomach pain after drinking ice cold water during the summer season?

The peak summer season has come now.  It is very important to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated especially during the hot summer season. It must be noted that during the summer season many of us have the habit of drinking ice cold water from the fridge directly. It is a bitter fact that by drinking ice cold water in the summers we could get stomach pain or headache etc.

Various health issues we could get by drinking ice cold water in the summer season are


Point is those persons with throat problems would find it uncomfortable if they drink ice cold water during summers. They could get throat irritation, soreness etc. There are possibilities of increased mucus production if a person drinks ice cold water immediately after eating meals. So, please be careful.


The flow of blood to the throat area would get restricted and blood vessels may get constricted when a person drinks cold water during summer season. This would slow down the healing process if the person has infection. There are more chances of bloating, cramping etc. It is believed that for better digestion cold water must be avoided.

Muscle tension:

Those with throat issues would get muscle tension in their throats after drinking ice cold water during summers. This could lead to issues in swallowing etc. These persons might get sore throats, blocked nose etc also.

Affects heart rate and headaches:

Heart rate would get lowered or dropped after drinking ice cold water especially in the hot summers. It is believed that this drop in the heart rate could be due to the activation of the tenth cranial nerve or the vagus nerve. As many nerves in the spine would get cooled down by drinking cold water, headaches could occur in us. Especially those with sinus issues and those with migraine issues would find it very tough.

Causes digestive issues:

Digestion would get disrupted when we drink ice cold water in the summer season as the blood vessels would get constricted. It is worthy to note that our digestive process is sensitive to the influence of cold water. So, please be careful.

Hinders weight management:

The burning of stored body fat would get impeded by drinking ice cold water. By this, weight loss efforts would get hindered. The fat from the foods consumed would get solidified when a person drinks ice water in the summer season. Those who are on weight loss process must avoid drinking ice water 30minutes after their meals.

Tooth sensitivity:

There are more chances of getting tooth sensitivity issues when we drink ice cold water in the summers. This tooth sensitivity might create issues in chewing etc. The sensitivity inin the teeth can be due to the weakening of tooth enamel. It is better to opt for room temperature water to avoid dental based issues.

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