Nobody in this world can stay young forever and we all age during our lives!!
It is true that ageing is a natural part of our life journey. The changes that our bodies would undergo would affect the appearance of our skin. Though it would not be possible to stop the ageing process totally, there are ways by which we would be able to slow down the ageing process.
Many opt for cosmetic procedures to turn young once again without knowing that diet could also influence the ageing process.
If you don`t want to age faster, then please limit the intake of these foods.
Limit the intake of Sugary treats:
We all like delicious foods like chocolates etc because they would provide immediate satisfaction to our taste buds present in the tongue. The bitter fact is that continuous intake of sugary treats would damage the skin. Sugar molecules would react with protein molecules present in us like elastin and collagen etc leading to a process called glycation. Elastin and collagen play a huge role in maintaining young glowing skin is known. The glycation process would lead to wrinkles, saggy skin etc.
Limit alcohol intake:
 Not many of us would know the fact that alcohol in any amount would speed up the ageing in us. It is worthy to mention here that regular intake of alcohol would dehydrate our skin and would make it dry and dull with wrinkles etc. Alcohol intake would affect our health is a known fact.
Limit processed meat intake:
We could age faster by intake of processed meats. This is due to the fact that processed meats have preservatives and additives in them and consuming them would lead to inflammation and ageing etc. We could get many other issues like bloating, puffing and heat based issues by consuming high amounts of saturated fats and sodium present in the processed meats. So, please take care.
Limit fast food intake:
It is important that we must limit fast food intake as it could damage our skin. It must be noted that fast foods and fried foods are cooked at high temperatures and they would cause inflammation and oxidative stress in us. By eating fried foods with unhealthy fats the pores would get clogged leading to acne etc.
Limit salty foods intake:
For slowing down the ageing process, it is necessary that we must limit the intake of salty foods like chips etc. The presence of trans- fats in these foods wowould increase our cholesterol levels plus promote inflammation etc. With more salts present in potato chips, our blood pressure would be increased. This would lead to faster ageing in us. Please be careful.

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