Around us, every day, we all would have seen many people yawning. Sometimes we too would yawn while seeing them and this is normal. Excessive yawning is abnormal. For example, we would feel embarrassed when we yawn excessively during an important office meeting  or in a public place etc . Excessive yawning must be treated.
It was brought to light by MUSC Health that while we yawn some hormones in us would get released and they would increase the heart rate and make us more alert. It is noteworthy that yawning is our body`s attempt to keep us awake and alert when we feel tired and bored. This would be just for a brief time only. Not many of us would know that excessive yawning could reveal the presence of some type of health issues.

Various health issues behind excessive yawning are

Sleep apnea or insomnia:
There are many who do not get enough sleep or are sleep deprived and these people yawn too much. This excessive yawning could be due to an underlying condition of sleep apnea or insomnia. While sleep apnea refers to stopping and starting of breathing in us, insomnia refers to trouble in falling asleep or staying asleep etc.

When we consume certain antidepressants or anti-psychotics etc then we could yawn excessively.  It is important not to consume any medication without the prescription of the doctors.

Brain disorder:
Presence of brain disorder could be another reason for excessive yawning. Truth is that persons with issues like Parkinson`s Disease, multiple sclerosis etc would yawn excessively.

Stress and anxiety:
Those with stress and anxiety issues would yawn excessively. As per health experts yawning might be a method to cope up with tension also.

Heart attack:
If the supply of oxygen around the body gets affected, then excessive yawning could be due to heart attack also. Point to be noted is that yawning is not a major symptom of heart attack and there is no need to panic at all.

Ways to stop excessive yawning:
Certain lifestyle changes would help us to overcome this excessive yawning. For example, doing exercises daily, sleeping well etc.

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