Known by several names like malabar plum, black plum, java plum etc, jamun is an evergreen tropical tree that is seen in countries like India, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh etc.

It is known that this jamun has many nutrients and  by consuming jamun we could get numerous health benefits such as an increase in haemoglobin, improves heart health, fights respiratory issues, good for weight loss etc. We must not consume jamun in more amounts as it could lead to some side effects also.

It is good to eat 100 jamuns per day and this was mentioned by many health experts. We must never eat jamuns on an empty stomach in the mornings as it is acidic and it would create many issues.

Various health issues we can get by eating jamun in excess are

Might lead to constipation:

There are lots of fibers present in jamun and it would be superb. Truth is that our gut lining would get affected when we eat this fruit in excess amounts. The digestion would become difficult when eaten in excess amounts and this would then  result in constipation, bloating and irritability etc.

Blood sugar levels get disrupted:

It is true that foods with low glycemic index or GI are good for the diabetic persons. Intake of jamun is also good for the diabetic as it has low GI.  By consuming jamuns, carbs would get converted into energy and this would lower the blood sugar levels in us. Excess intake of jamun would lead to drastic reduction in the blood glucose level and this is hypoglycemia.

Dental health gets affected:

There is a good amount of natural sugar in jamun and the fruit is acidic in nature. The growth of bacteria would become more due to these and enamel of the teeth would get eroded. This might lead to tooth decay also.

Excessive lowering of BP:

It is superb to mention that intake of jamun in small amounts would lower the cholesterol and would improve the heart health. Consuming jamun in excess amounts would lead to a condition called hypotension. Here, the BP would drop excessively and the person would have nausea and lightheadedness etc.

Kidney health gets affected:

The jamun fruit has oxalate and when this combines with calcium then there are more chances of the formation of kidney stones in us. The presence of kidney stones would create huge issues for the person

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