We all know that zinc plays a n important role in our body. It is noteworthy that zinc plays a role in DNA creation plus in cell growth, proteins building etc. For our immune system to be good, zinc is very much needed.

How many of us know that excess presence of zinc inside our body would be harmful for our health?

There are certain signs that would indicate that the zinc is present in excess amounts inside our body. The signs are

Skin irritations:

We could get skin issues like rashes, redness and itching etc when we have excess amounts of zinc. It is necessary to use gentle skincare products and moisturize regularly for skin hydration etc.

Neurological symptoms:

We could get neurological symptoms like dizziness, confusion etc if we have too much zinc inside our body. So, please be careful.

Hormonal imbalance:

Hormones play a major role in the normal functioning of our body. For the regulation of hormones, zinc is important. Too much or zinc would disrupt hormonal balance and would lead to irregular menstrual cycles, reduced libido, mood swings etc.

Copper deficiency symptoms:

Many of us would not be aware of the fact that excess zinc inside our body would interfere with the absorption of copper. By this, we could get copper deficiency symptoms like anaemia, fatigue etc.  It is necessary to eat copper rich foods like nuts, seeds and shellfish etc.

Impaired immune function:

Our immune function would get impaired due to excess zinc and there would be more chances of getting infections etc. Please take care.


It is true that zinc toxicity could lead to fatigue, weakness etc and this could be because of its effects on energy metabolism and neurotransmitter functions etc.


Headaches or migraines are possible in certain persons due to the presence of excess zinc. Point is that we must stay hydrated, manage our stress levels etc.


The balance of gut bacteria would get disrupted due to the presence of excess zinc. We could get diarrhoea and loose stools. To avoid dehydration, we must increase fluid intake plus opt for probiotic supplements to restore beneficial gut bacteria.

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