Present in fruits, honey and in some vegetables etc fructose or fruit sugar is a naturally occurring sugar. The chemical formula for fructose is C6H12O6. It is worthy to mention that fructose, glucose and galactose are the 3 most important blood sugars. The fructose is also present in many processed foods and due to this reason these foods are sweet to taste. The truth is that when fructose is consumed by us in excess amounts, then these are chances that we might put on weight. This would be mainly due to the increased calorie intake (by excess intake of fructose) leading to more weight.

Excess intake of fructose can negatively affect us in these ways. Please take care.

Increased inflammation:

By consuming more amounts of fructose, there would be more inflammation in the body. As a result, we could get chronic diseases like arthritis plus heart disease, cancer etc.

More chances of type 2 diabetes:

It is true that when we consume excess amounts of fructose then it would lead to insulin resistance plus impaired glucose metabolism. By this, we could get type 2 diabetes.

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD:

When we consume excess fructose, then fat would get accumulated in the liver. This would then result in NAFLD etc.

Increased triglyceride levels:

Triglyceride levels in us would be increased by excess intake of fructose. By this, there are more chances of getting cardiovascular diseases etc in us. So, please take care.

Development of metabolic syndrome:

The bitter truth is that by consuming fructose in large amounts then there would be development of metabolic syndrome in us, This would in turn result in obesity, high blood sugars etc.

Elevated blood pressure:

Our blood pressure or BP would increase to a huge extent when we eat excess fructose. This would result in heart based problems in us.

Cognitive impairment:

We could get cognitive decline and memory impairment etc when we consume more amounts of fructose.

Impaired absorption of nutrients:

When we e consume excess quantities of fructose, then it would impair the absorption of essential nutrients. This would lead to deficiencies in us.

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