Are you a compulsive coffee drinker or coffeeholic?

For the majority of us, our day would begin with a sip of hot coffee right. It is true that drinking coffee would provide us with energy, increased alertness, better mood etc. We would be able to do our daily activities well. The amazing piece of information is that coffee intake would improve our liver health.

Ways by which coffee intake would be superb for our liver health

Reduced liver disease risk:

It has been brought out by some research studies that by drinking coffee every day we would have low chances of getting liver cirrhosis or non alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD etc. Information is that coffee would protect our liver cells from damage and inflammation etc.

Low risk of liver cancer:

It must be taken into account that by drinking coffee there is a low risk of getting liver cancer in us. The growth of cancer cells would get inhibited by the presence of caffeine and chlorogenic acid present in the coffee.

Improved liver enzyme levels:

Point is that intake of coffee is associated with lower levels of liver enzymes like alanine aminotransferase or ALT and aspartate aminotransferase or AST etc. These are present in elevated levels in persons with liver disease.

Low risk of fibrosis progression:

Liver fibrosis or accumulation of scar tissue in the liver would progress slowly when we drink coffee regularly. It has been found out by research study that the anti-inflammatory properties of coffee would inhibit the development of fibrosis. This would promote liver regeneration.

Protection against alcoholic liver disease:

It is worthy to note that moderate coffee intake would lower the risk of alcoholic liver disease or ALD in those who drink alcohol.  It is believed that coffee has the ability to lower liver enzyme levels and inflammation etc. This would lower the harmful effects of alcohol on the liver.

Better insulin sensitivity:

Point is that coffee intake would improve the insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of insulin resistance. This is a condition associated with type-2 diabetes and NAFLD etc. By drinking, liver related metabolic disorders would be prevented in us.

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