Are you feeling distressed that the pain in your knees is affecting your daily activities?

There are many now who get severe pain in their knees and as a result of that they would find it difficult to move. This is knee pain and is an important issue. Persons with knee pain must get it treated. It is noteworthy that more than 12% of Indians have reported knee discomfort of some kind.

Various reasons for knee pain in us are


There are times when we twist suddenly and fall etc and these would result in injuries in us. It must be taken into account that knees are complex joints and it is prone to many types of injuries like meniscus tear, ligament tears etc. Sudden stops and changes in the direction associated with sports is a common cause for knee pain. Various treatments for knee pain are rest, applying ice pack, compression and elevation or RICE. In some severe cases, doctors might recommend surgery too. Knee injuries could be avoided by doing warm up exercises, wearing proper footwear etc


A condition that is characterised by the inflammation of joints is arthritis. When the cartilage present in our knees wears away due to wear and tear then we could get osteoarthritis issues. When the body`s immune system attacks our joints, then we could get rheumatoid arthritis issues. Those with arthritis issues must get it treated in the initial stages itself and treatment involves managing pain and inflammation etc. Treatment would be based on medication, physical therapy and lifestyle changes etc.


Bursae are small fluid filled sacs that cushion the knee joints in us. Point is that when bursae get inflamed then we could get bursitis. Repetitive movements or prolonged pressure on the knees would lead to bursitis. It would be possible to treat this issue with rest or applying ice packs etc. There are chances of avoiding bursitis by not involving us in those activities that would put additional strain on the knees.


When tendons that connect muscles to bones become inflamed, then we could get tendinitis. Over use, repeated motions etc can lead to tendinitis. Patellar tendon would get affected due to this issue. It is known that the patellar tendon connects the kneecap to the shinbone. Tendinitis issues can be reduced by doing physical therapy exercises.

Baker`s cyst:

In some persons, a fluid filled swelling occurs behind their knees and this is baker`s cyst. Synovial fluid lubricates our knee joints and when excess synovial fluid accumulates and bulges from the back of knees then we could get baker`s cyst issue. It can be treated by rest, application of ice packs etc. Sometimes, corticosteroid injections are also recommended by the doctors.

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