After the rose flowers have bloomed and fallen off, we might have come across round berries like fruits developing on the rose plant. Have you ever thought about what these berries on the rose plant are?

The red or orange coloured berry-like fruits are called rose hips and they have seeds inside. It is noteworthy that rose hips have vitamin C plus antioxidants and others like carotenoids, beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin etc in them. Many of us would not have known the fact that consuming the rose hips would provide us with numerous health benefits. Point is that rose hips are nutritious and they are being used in traditional medicine.

Various health benefits of rose hips are

Improves immunity:
The presence of vitamin C in rose hips would improve our immunity. By this, we would not get diseases or issues etc easily.

Lowers heart disease:
The inflammation in us would get reduced by consuming rose hips containing antioxidants. The cardiovascular system would get protected and it would lower the risk of getting heart diseases etc.

Improves digestion:
When we incorporate rose hips in the diet, we would have healthy digestion due to the high fibre content in rose hips. Issues like constipation etc would be avoided.

Improves skin health:
Our skin elasticity would be improved plus wrinkles would be removed and we would have a nice glowing skin.

Better eye health:
It is highly necessary that we must have good eye health for our lives to be normal. By consuming rose hips rich in lutein and zeaxanthin etc, our eye health would be good. Lowering of age related macular degenerations would be possible also.

Lowers joint pain:
Many people suffer from joint pain due to arthritis issues. It is believed that the anti-inflammatory properties in rose hips would lower joint pain.

Weight management:
Proper weight management is needed for our lives to be normal and healthy.  Intake of rose hips would help us to manage weight and this would be due to the fibres present in rose hips. We would feel full for a longer duration and would avoid eating foods unnecessarily.

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