Also known as hepatocellular carcinoma or HCC, liver cancer would affect the cells present in the liver. It is true that liver cancer is one of the most leading causes for cancer related deaths across the globe. It is necessary that we must be aware of the early signs and symptoms of liver cancer for early treatment. Various factors that can lead to liver cancer are hepatitis B and C, cirrhosis, NAFLD, excess intake of alcohol etc.
There are some bad habits that could lead to liver cancer and they are
Excess alcohol consumptions:
Cirrhosis is a condition that could occur due to excess intake of alcohol and this cirrhosis can lead to liver cancer. Therefore, we could avoid damage to our liver if we quit or limit intake of alcohol.
Tobacco usage:
There are more chances of getting liver cancer if we smoke excessively. Hence, quitting smoking could be superb for both the overall health as well as for liver health.
Unhealthy diet and obesity:
There are more chances of getting NAFLD when a person is obese and if he or she  eats foods that are full of saturated fats but less in fruits and vegetables etc.  It is known that NAFLD could lead to liver cancer.
Unsafe injection practices:
Unsafe injection practices can also lead to liver cancer in us. It is believed that hepatitis B and C that are common risk factors for liver cancer would get transmitted through unsafe injections etc. So, please be very careful.
Exposure to environment toxins:
It must be noted that exposure to certain toxins like aflatoxins etc could result in liver cancer also. It is necessary to reduce the exposure to aflatoxins etc.
General steps for liver cancer prevention and treatment etc:
One highly effective preventive measure against liver cancer is getting vaccinated for Hepatitis B. For vaccination recommendations, we must consult our healthcare provider without fail.
Having regular health checkups:
At an early stage itself, we can detect liver cancer by means of regular checkups. By this early detection, there are more possibilities of successful treatment.t.
Adopting a healthy lifestyle:
Liver cancer could be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle like eating a well balanced diet and doing exercises regularly every day etc.
Treatment options:
The doctors would recommend several treatment options like surgery, chemotherapy etc. It is believed that timely intervention and multidisciplinary approach are important for successful results

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