We all drink coconut water or (the clear liquid that is present inside the coconut) as it is a highly refreshing drink. It provides us with numerous health benefits like managing diabetes, good for heart health, helps in digestion, helps to detox the body etc.

Coconut water has electrolytes, minerals and vitamins etc and hence the coconut water is often prescribed by the doctors for hydration purposes. Drinking anything in excess amounts is not advisable and the same applies  for coconut water also.

These are the side effects we can get from drinking excess coconut water.

Causes allergy:
There are some people who are highly sensitive towards nuts. These persons must refrain themselves from drinking too much coconut water as it can cause allergies in them. It is believed that the enzyme tropomyosin present in the coconut water is harmful for certain individuals.

Not good for diabetics:
The coconut water has lots of calories and carbohydrates etc in it. Therefore, persons with diabetic condition must not drink excess amounts of coconut water.

BP would reduce:
It must be noted that by drinking coconut water frequently then the person might have a reduction in the blood pressure also. Hence,  it is important to consult a medical practitioner before drinking coconut water.

Point is that coconut water has lots of potassium in it. By drinking too much coconut water, the person could get hyperkalemia issues. The person would have weakness, severe fatigue and dizziness etc.

Cause diarrhoea:
The stomach would get disturbed by drinking excessive quantities of coconut water. This would lead to diarrhoea. Those persons who have digestive issues must not drink coconut water in excess. So, please be careful.

Frequent urination:
Those who consume excessive amounts of coconut water would get this issue. This is due to the diuretic properties of coconut water.

Not ideal for athletes etc:
Athletes must not drink coconut water after a tough workout. It is worthy to note that after workouts etc the person would drink more liquid and by drinking lots s of coconut water then the person would get problems.

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