If you have been eating grilled or roasted meats along with fruits having high water content, then it is high time to stop that!!

It must be noted that the excess water content present in the fruits like water melons etc might dilute the flavours of meat and affect its texture.

There are various other foods that we must never consume along with non-vegetarian foods ad these are

Avoid combining sea foods and milk:
It must be noted that the combination of dairy and seafood must be discouraged. Truth is that the rich creamy flavours of milk etc could overpower the taste of sea foods. Many people would not be able to digest the proteins present in both these foods.

Avoid combining acidic foods with chicken:
The flavours of chicken etc could get masked by the acidic foods like tomatoes etc. It is important to balance the acidity to avoid overwhelming the subtleties of the poultry.

Avoid certain foods to enhance meat flavour:
Many eat meat and fish is a well known fact. These persons must avoid eating certain foods that would overpower the taste of meat and fish etc.

Avoid combining spicy food and red meat:
It is true that the natural taste of meat could be overpowered by excessive spicy foods. Therefore, a balance must be there between these two so that the flavours of meat don`t get masked.

Avoid combining red wine with spicy foods:
It is worthy to note that the presence of tannins in the red wine would increase the heat present in the spicy foods. Pont is that this would make the overall dining experience overwhelming. It is better to opt for red wine with lower tannin levels.

Avoid eating flavoured cheese with fish:
It is true that strongly flavoured cheeses would overpower the taste of the fishes. In this situation, the person must choose milder cheeses.

Avoid sweet sauces with lean meats:
It is better to avoid eating lean meats like chicken, turkey etc with sugary sauces. Truth is that the sweetness could be overpowering and would not complement ten natural flavours of lean meats.

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