We could get addicted and crave for sugar if we eat excess sugary foods. It is noteworthy that when we eat sugary foods our body would release insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. The energy levels could crash due to the sudden spike in the insulin levels in us. This could make us feel tired and fatigued and as a result we would consume more sugars.

Our taste buds would get accustomed to the sweetness by eating more sugary foods. By this, we might not be able to enjoy foods that are not sweet in taste. This could make us crave for sweet based foods. In the long run, we could prefer only sweet based foods.

When a person has diabetes, then he or she would find it difficult to control their cravings for sugars. Truth is that high blood sugar levels could lead to more cravings for sugars and this must be treated or else diabetes could worsen.

These below mentioned foods would improve the overall health and would reduce the sugar cravings in diabetics.

Berries intake:
By eating berries like strawberries, blueberries etc that have got fibre content and antioxidants etc, the diabetic persons could control their blood sugar levels and reduce their cravings for sugars.

Avocado intake:
Avocados have healthy fats and fibres etc in tem and eating avocados would control the blood sugar levels and reduce the sugar cravings in diabetic persons. Absorption of nutrients would get boosted by the presence of healthy fats in avocados.

Nuts intake:
It must be noted that foods like pistachios, walnuts etc are rich in fibres, proteins and healthy fats etc. Nuts intake would keep us full for a long time. The cravings for sugar would be reduced in those with diabetic conditions.
Greek Yogurt intake:

Minerals like calcium and magnesium are present in greek yogurt. Intake of this would reduce the sugar cravings in diabetics.
Dark chocolate intake:
The presence of antioxidants and healthy fats in dark chocolates would reduce the sugar cravings in the diabetic persons.

Sweet potatoes intake:
It is known that sweet potatoes are rich in fibres and vitamins etc. By consuming sweet potatoes, the diabetic persons would have reduced cravings for sugar based foods.


Salmon intake:
When those with diabetic conditions eat salmon then inflammation would get reduced in them. The insulin sensitivity would get better and they would have reduced sugar cravings.

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