Have you consumed buffalo`s milk and found it a little difficult to digest when compared to cow`s milk?

Drinking milk can provide us with calcium and this would make our bones stronger. To have a healthy life, it is highly necessary to consume milk every day.

There is a confusion that has been going on for a long time regarding cow`s milk or buffalo`s milk which is more healthier to drink. Truth is that cows milk might be regarded as a healthier alternative to buffalo milk.

These below mentioned reasons would clearly show us why cow`s milk is much healthier than buffalo`s milk.

Nutritional composition:
The balanced nutritional composition of cows milk makes it much healthier when compared to buffalo`s milk. In cows milk, there is a well balanced ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates etc. Point to be noted is that cows milk has lower fat content than buffalo milk. Those who are concerned about the fat intake can consume cow`s milk without any fear.

Easy to digest:
When compared to the buffalo milk, cow milk is easier to digest. It must be noted that the fat globules present in cow`s milka are smaller in size and help in easy digestion. The buffalo milk has fat globules that are bigger in size and hence it is not easy to digest.

Lower cholesterol content:
It is noteworthy that cows milk has less cholesterol content than buffalo milk. It is a known fact that high cholesterol could lead to heart issues. Those persons who have high cholesterol levels would benefit by drinking cow milk.

Higher vitamin content:
The presence of vitamin A is more in cow milk than in buffalo milk. For good eyesight, bone development and strong immune system , vitamin A plays a huge role. It is believed that drinking cows milk with vitamin A would provide these benefits.

Lower calorie content:
The lower calorie content of cow milk makes it a healthier option especially for those persons who are aiming to maintain a healthy weight.

Less allergy causing:
Point is that persons with milk allergy or lactose intolerance would show less severe symptoms when they drink cow milk.

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