In terms of oxidation levels, if there is one tea that falls between green tea and black tea, then it is oolong tea!!

It is learnt that this traditional Oolong tea is from China and is partially fermented. Here, the tea leaves are withered under sunlight and oxidation is allowed to take place. Then, curling and twisting are carried out. Oolong tea has got a peculiar or unique taste.

Drinking Oolong tea would be superb for our health in these ways.

Weight management:

By increasing the metabolism and fat oxidation, intake of oolong tea would help in the weight loss. It is believed that the polyphenols present in this tea would activate enzymes and this would lead to the breakdown of fats.

Good for heart health:

By lowering the cholesterol levels, Oolong tea would reduce the risk of heart disease. Truth is that by combating oxidative stress and inflammation the antioxidants in oolong tea would improve heart health.

Good for diabetes:

Drinking oolong tea would increase insulin sensitivity and promote insulin secretion. This would help us to manage diabetes well.

Improved mental alertness:

Our mental alertness and concentration etc would get better by drinking oolong tea. Our cognitive performance would get boosted.

Digestive health:

Inflammation in the digestive tract would get reduced and due to this acid reflux would get reduced. Stomach discomfort would come down by consuming oolong tea.

Improved bone health:

When we drink oolong tea, then our bone mineral density would improve. This would lower the risk of getting an osteoarthritis issue.

Good for skin health:

Drinking oolong tea would help to combat free radicals and protect the skin cells from damage. Our skin would become healthier. Skin conditions like eczema etc could be managed also.

Immunity booster:

The antioxidants present in the oolong tea would strengthen the immune system by neutralising free radicals and reducing oxidatitive stress etc. By this, our immunity would get boosted.

Stress relief:

It is worthy to mention that the L- theanine is an amino acid present in oolong tea and this would make us calm and relaxed. By this, we would feel relieved from stress etc.

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