Called scientifically  as Piper  Nigrumn, black pepper is derived from the fruit of Piper plant and this is a commonly used spice in foods. It has got a spicy and pungent flavour. The powdered form of black pepper is made by drying the peppercorns of the plant and then grounding them.

There are various health benefits of intake of black pepper such as

Better digestion:
When we consume black pepper, the digestive enzymes get stimulated. As a result,we would have better digestion. We would be free from digestive based problems like constipation, bloating etc.

Antioxidant properties:
It is worth mentioning here that black pepper has antioxidants including vitamin C, vitamin A flavonoids etc, the harmful free radicals present in the body would be neutralised by the antioxidants. By this, the body would be protected against oxidative damage and the risk of getting chronic diseases would be reduced.

Improved nutrient absorption:
It is noteworthy that  essential nutrients like vitamin B, C, selenium etc are absorbed by the intake of black pepper along with other foods. The presence of piperine in the back pepper would increase the bioavailability of these nutrients and it would ensure that nutrients are better used by the body.

Anti-inflammatory properties:
Point is that piperine present in black pepper has superb anti-inflammatory properties. By inhibiting the production of pro-inflammatory substances in the body, the symptoms of conditions like arthritis, skin issues etc would get reduced.

Good for respiratory health:
It is important to mention here that intake of black pepper would reduce the respiratory symptoms like congestion, cold, sinusitis etc. The flow of mucus would get stimulated by consuming black pepper. This would expel toxins from the respiratory tract.

Weight management:
By increasing the metabolism and by promoting the breakdown of fats, black pepper plays an important role in weight management. Thermogenesis is  a process in which the body produces heat to burn calories and this process would be enhanced by intake of black pepper.

Prevents cancer:
Hrew, piperine in black pepper does tremendously and exexerts a protective activity against several types of cancer. The absorption of nutrients like selenium, cucurmin etc would be enhanced by piperine and this would help in the improved gut health and cancer prevention.

Lowers BP:
High blood pressure in us would lead to serious health issues and controlling blood pressure is very essential. Intake of black pepper would lower blood pressure in us.

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