The plus one school students studying in 7534 government schools, government aided schools and matriculation schools etc in TN and Puducherry would be appearing for their public examinations from today. The exams would continue till 25th of March.
It must be taken into account that as many as 820207 students would be appearing for the class 11 public examinations. Out of these, 389736 are boys and 430471 are girl students. About 5000 students would be appearing for the exams as private students.
Important piece of information is that to prevent malpractices etc and to create a safe environment at the exam centre the principals, vice principals and teachers of the respective schools would not be involved in the examination duties. To carry put the examination duties, only government school teachers would be involved. At all the private school exam centres, security has been beefed up.
Outsiders would not be able to go inside the exam centres. There are 3302 exam centres available in TN alone for the plus one public examination. To monitor the exam centres and take part in checking etc, a flying squad of 3200 personnel has been set up.

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