There is always a dilemma regarding diabetic persons consuming mangoes. Why this?

The king of fruits or mango is a favourite fruit for most of us. The sweetness and aroma associated with mango make them very special.

The question now is whether mango can be consumed by the persons having diabetes or high blood sugar levels?

There are certain fruits with high fibre content, carbohydrates etc in them and these fruits cannot be included as a diet for the diabetic persons. Though mangoes are rich in minerals, vitamins etc and are considered as highly nutritious, the high sugar content along with high calorie outweighs the health benefits of eating mangoes.  This has often led to a dilemma for those with diabetic conditions regarding consuming mangoes.

Can diabetics eat atleast one slice of mango :
Mangoes are classified as low glycemic index or GI food as the GI of mango is 51. It is known to us that with the help of this GI value we classify foods as per their effects on the blood sugar levels.

It is worthy to note that on a 0-100 scale zero represents no effect whereas 100 refers to the anticipated effect of ingesting pure sugars. The presence of fibres and antioxidants etc in mango would minimise the overall blood sugar effect. Point to be noted is this would make our body to manage the influx of carbs and manage the blood sugar levels.

Important practices to follow (for eating mangoes) for those with diabetic condition are

By avoiding wrong pairing:
It is good to eat mangoes but not to eat them with high carbohydrates foods. For example, avoid pairing mangoes with maida, pasta or any dessert etc as these foods have high GI.

By eating just limited amount:
There are chances of blood sugar increase in diabetics by eating mangoes in large servings. Hence, it is preferable to eat mangoes in small amounts.

By not consuming mango shake etc:
Those with diabetics must refrain from consuming mango shake etc as it would contain high levels of sugars.

By consulting doctors etc:
It must be noted that those with borderline diabetes can eat mangoes but those with high blood sugar levels must consult a doctor before consuming it.

By not eating mangoes on empty stomach;
This would spike the blood sugar levels in diabetics and they must not eat mangoes in an empty stomach. So, please take care.

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