When we use gym supplements in excess than prescribed, then our kidney health would get affected badly. It is important to note that these supplements would have high concentrations of proteins, creatine, vitamins etc in them. It is shocking to note that these supplements would also have performance enhancing pharmaceuticals and anabolic steroids etc also. Though the supplements are aimed at improving muscle growth and athletic performance etc, excessive consumption could lead to serious consequences on the renal functions. Kidneys play a huge role in filtering waste products from the protein metabolism.

Various ways how excess protein supplement intake could affect our kidney`s health are

Kidneys get strained:

Kidneys would find difficulty in getting rid of extra nitrogenous waste when we consume excess protein supplements. The increased workload would strain the kidneys badly. This could lead to renal dysfunction or injury etc.


The stress on the kidneys could get increased by dehydration. It must be noted that the rigorous workouts that the gym going persons would follow would further make the dehydration worse. As a result of dehydration, the blood flow to the kidneys would get reduced. The kidneys would find it tough to remove waste and toxins from the blood.

Kidney injury:

There are lots of possibilities of kidneys getting injured due to stress because of dehydration and excess protein intake.

Harmful substances:

It is noteworthy that certain protein supplements would have certain ingredients that could be directly harmful for the kidneys. By disrupting the hormonal balance, the performance enhancing substances and anabolic steroids etc might damage the kidneys. Truth is that when the high vitamins and mineral dosages that exceed daily needs then we could get kidney stones and other renal issues etc.

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