One serious medical condition that requires immediate attention is brain tumour or abnormal growth of cells in the brain. In the beginning, tumours in the brain might develop slowly but after some time they might grow very fast. As a result, several functions of the brain would get affected by the tumour. It is important to know about the early signs of brain tumour and get treated immediately. Based on their growth rate and likelihood of recurrence after treatment, brain tumours are classified into 2 types namely grade 1 and 2 tumours and grade 3and 4 tumours.

Various important early signs of brain tumour are

Persistent headaches:

Normally, headaches can be treated well but in some persons headaches would still be there even after treatments. This could be a sign of brain tumour. Truth is that these headaches would become worse after some time and would be accompanied by other symptoms like nausea, vomiting etc.

Seizures or fits:

If seizures occur suddenly in persons who haven`t had them before, then it might be due to brain tumour. Point is that seizures might vary in intensity and in duration. It is necessary to seek medical attention if you get a seizure suddenly or if you get seizures frequently.

Nausea, vomiting, drowsiness etc:

Another important sign of brain tumour is nausea, vomiting and feeling very drowsy without any reason. It is noteworthy that these symptoms could occur along with neurological symptoms like headaches, seizures etc.

Behavioural or mental changes:

It must be noted that changes in personality, memory issues, or other behavioural or mental changes must not be ignored. Pot to be noted is that these changes might manifest as forgetfulness, difficulty in concentration, mood swings etc. Stress or other factors can also cause these issues but any sudden or unexplained change must be assessed immediately.

Paralysis or progressive weakness:

It is noteworthy that if a person experiences weakness in the early stages and paralysis in later stages on one side of the body then he or she could have brain tumour. Medical attention must be sought immediately if there is progressive weakness accompanied by neurological symptoms.

Vision or speech issues:

If there is any sudden change in the vision or speech etc, then it might be due to brain tumour also. The person would have blurred vision or double vision or loss of vision in one or both the eyes. The person would have difficulties in speaking or slurred speech etc.

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