In the future, there would be Teacher Recruitment Board or TRBs computer centers in the government schools in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu government has decided to establish the computer centres at the government schools itself so that students would also get benefited. An amount of Rs 30 crores would be spent for this. This is now considered as a boon for the school students also.

It was later mentioned by a senior officer belonging to the school education department that there has been a delay in organising written exams as many formalities were present. He added that the decision to set up computer based exam centers for competitive exams conducted by TRB came at this backdrop.

It must be noted that most of the recruitment process carried out by TRB would have competitive exams to qualify for the next level. The process of evaluation and  results declaration would become easy when compared to manual processes and this would happen only when computer based exams were conducted for all the exams.

Every year just 2 to 3 competitive exams are conducted by TRBs is known. Most of the time the computers would remain idle  when computer based exam centers are set up at TRB offices or at some selected places. It is now said that by setting the computer based exam centers in the high and higher secondary govt and govt aided schools, many students would be benefited.

The work would be carried out in different phases and in the first phase schools that have additional space in the campus would accommodate computers.Regional demand would decide on the number of computers that would be set up in the exam centres. For regular maintenance of these centres, persons would be employed.

At the centers, students study materials would also be uploaded in the computer systems. After high tech labs that already exist in the schools, the computer based exam centres would be an additional source. Point is that the students who are very eager to know about the competitive exams conducted by TRB would be able to learn at an early stage with the help of resources.

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