If you have the habit of drinking a glass of water along with the food, then please don`t continue to do that!!
This article would throw some light on the issues we could get by drinking water while consuming foods. Truth is water drinking water along with some foods would not be an issue but with certain foods it could be harmful.
Never drink water while eating bananas:
It is a fact that bananas have soluble fibres in them. It is worthy to note that eating bananas along with water would slow down digestion as the gastric juices would get diluted.

Never drink water while eating citrus fruits:
The citrus fruits like oranges, lemons etc have lots of water in them and by consuming these fruits with water then we could get stomach discomfort, fullness feeling etc. It is necessary that we must wait for sometime after eating these citrus fruits and then drink water.

Never drink water while eating yoghurt:
The effectiveness of probiotics present in yoghurt would get reduced when we drink water along with yoghurt. It is known that yoghurt is a dairy product that is good for our gut health.

Never drink water while eating spicy foods:
We could get discomfort when we drink water with spicy foods such as chilli peppers or hot sauces etc. Truth is that intake of water with these spicy foods would spread the heat and worsen the burning sensation in us. It would be good to eat milk etc for cooling while eating spicy foods.

Never drink water while eating rice:
Stomach acids would play an important role in the digestion process. By drinking water along with rice, these stomach acids would get diluted. However, it is okay to drink water before or after eating rice.

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