It is obvious that we would try to wind down or relax after consuming heavy delicious food isn`t it!!

There are many people who would want to go to bed right after eating heavy meals or drink a cup of hot tea or coffee etc. Not many of us would know the fact that post meals habits create a negative impact on our digestion, overall health etc. Hence, it is very essential that we must avoid these habits for our overall health and well being to be superb.

Various mistakes we all do (that would affect our overall health, make us to gain weight etc) after eating heavy meals are

Taking part in vigorous activity:
Our digestion would get disturbed when we get involved in a vigorous activity right after eating heavy food. It is important to note that our body directs the blood flow to the muscles that are used in the rigorous physical activities and divert it away from the digestive organs. Truth is that the diversion of blood flow would lead to stomach issues etc. To avoid this, we must wait for atleast 30 minutes after eating heavy food and then engage in physical activities.

Drinking too much water:
Though it is essential that we consume water frequently throughout the day, we must not drink too much water right after consuming heavy meals. This would affect our digestion process as it would dilute the acids in the stomach. It is well known that the stomach acids play a huge role in the breakdown of the foods inside the stomach.

Lying down:
It is possible to get issues like stomach discomfort, acid reflux etc if we lie down immediately after eating heavy food. Maintaining an upright position for atleast 2 to 3 hours after eating food is important. By this, the food would move through the digestive tract well.

Consuming caffeine:
It must be taken into note that the presence of caffeine in beverages like coffee and tea etc would impact the absorption of essential minerals like iron, calcium etc. This could be avoided by giving a time of atleast one hour after consuming foods before drinking the beverages etc.

Neglecting proper oral hygiene practices:
Our dental health might get affected if we neglect proper oral hygiene practices after consuming heavy meals. By this, our teeth as well as our gums would get affected. Hence, it is advised to brush your teeth well after consuming heavy meals.

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