Knowing what we are eating is very important!

Our lives have become so busy that we always think about the office work even while at home. We don`t have time to think about the type of foods we must eat but just eat foods for the sake of hunger. It is true that eating the right kind of food at the right time would make us healthy. There are lots of possibilities of getting health issues if the food combinations go wrong.

Many of us eat eggs that are highly nutritious without knowing the fact that eggs when consumed along with other foods would lead to health issues.

We must never eat eggs along with these foods as they could lead to some health problems for us.

Never consume soy milk with eggs:
When the amount of proteins increases in the body, then the absorption is hindered. This is exactly what happens if we eat egg along with soy milk. Both are rich in proteins and the protein content would increase in our body causing issues in the absorption.

Never consume tea with eggs:
There are chances that we could get digestive issues like gas, constipation, acidity etc if we consume tea along with eggs. It is said that drinking tea along with eggs would lower the amount of protein we absorb by 17percent.

Never consume sugar with eggs:
If you have been consuming sugar with eggs, then it is high time to stop that. The reason for that is both would release amino acids and it could become toxic for the body. It could lead to many blood clots etc.

Never consume banana with eggs:
Eating bananas alone is good for our health but not eating along with eggs. When these 2 foods are consumed together, then the stomach would become heavy and digestion would take a long time.

Never consume meat with eggs:
It would become difficult to digest meat and eggs together due to the excess fat and proteins in meat and eggs. We could feel tired and lethargic also when we eat these foods together. So, please try to avoid eating these foods together.

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