We would have seen people (both men as well as women) around us with their stomachs sticking out and we would have criticised them, made fun etc. Have you ever  thought about the reason for this or the side effects associated etc instead of humiliating them?

It is worth mentioning here that stomach fat or abdominal fat etc refers to persons having a body with low levels of lean muscular mass and with higher proportions of fat around their stomach. Having a belly is a serious problem as we could get many health complications later on in our lives.

There are several reasons for having belly like stress, intake of excess alcohol, lack of sound sleep, lack of exercise etc. In women, the belly could be due to menopause, postpartum period etc.

The presence of higher proportions of visceral fat could lead to more chances of getting metabolic disorders in us. So, we must take steps to lose this stomach fat.

Various health complications that we can get due to belly fat are

More chances of chronic diseases:

It must be noted that the presence of abdominal or belly fat could lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even some types of cancer etc in us. This is because of the fact that the abdominal fat would release inflammatory chemicals in us.

Elevated cardiovascular risk:

It is shocking to note that there exists a relation between belly fat and cardiovascular disease. Belly fat would encourage the buildup of plaque in the arteries. This would lead to atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart attacks etc. So, please take care.

Metabolic health gets affected:

By interfering with the metabolic process and upsetting the hormonal balance, the presence of visceral fat could lead to insulin resistance and dyslipidemia. It must be taken into account that insulin resistance could be really dangerous and could lead to type 2 diabetes when left untreated.

Respiratory function gets affected:

We could get breathing issues like sleep apnea and respiratory insufficiency etc when we carry a huge load around our abdomen. Point is that fat would deposit around the chest portion while sleeping and lung expansion would get impeded by the belly. By this, we would have shallow breathing and it would increase respiratory issues. Please be careful.

Encourages immune dysfunction etc:

We could get chronic low grade inflammatory state in our body due to the cytokines and adipokines secreted by belly fat. Chronic inflammation can lead to many health issues like arthritis, neurological disorders etc. Our immune system would get weak due to the presence of belly fat in us. This would make us more infection prone and healing of wounds etc in us would take a long time.

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