If you are of the view that drinking fresh fruit juices is good for your health, then this piece of article would surely surprise you!!

The scorching summer is on and many of us prefer fresh cold fruit juices to quench our thirst.

Especially in the summer season, natural fruit juices are considered as a superb alternative for a refreshing drink. It is really shocking to note that drinking fresh fruit juices could affect health.

Various health issues we can get by drinking fresh fruit juices are

High sugar content:

It is true that fresh fruit juices have high sugar content in them. The fibre present in the fruit gets removed when juice is made. It is good to opt for whole fruits instead of fresh fruit juice. By this, we would consume fibre content present in the fruit and this would slow down the sugar absorption.

Low fibre content:

The fibres get removed when juice is made from the fruit.  The fibre content helps in digestion plus helps to manage blood sugar levels etc. To ensure adequate fibre intake, we must eat whole fruit and avoid fruit juice.

Loss of nutrients:

During the preparation of fruit juices, the fruit is exposed to light and air and nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants etc would be lost from the fruit. For the sake of varied nutrient intake, we must eat a diverse range of fruits.

Weight gain:

Bitter fact is that drinking fresh fruit juices could make us consume more calories. This would make us put on or gain weight. It is important to practise portion control while consuming fresh fruit juices.

Acidity issues:

Citrus fruits being acidic could lead to acidity problems in us. We could feel digestive discomfort. It would be good to dilute the fruit juices with water and then consume.

Contamination chances:

It is shocking to mention here that fresh squeezed juices might have bacteria if not handled or stored properly.  This could lead to food borne illness in us. So, please be careful.

Tooth decay:

We could get tooth decay if we drink fresh juices frequently and not follow oral hygiene practices. It is important to note that after drinking fresh fruit juices we must rinse our mouth with water. Following regular oral hygiene practises like regular brushing of teeth and dental checkups are important

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