How will you feel when you come to know that foods you eat would make you lose water causing dehydration? Shocking?

When there is more loss of fluids from our body compared to the intake of fluids then dehydration would take place. In such a scenario, there would be less amount of water present in us to carry out normal functions. Especially during the summer season, certain foods we eat could cause us to lose water from our body. Bitter truth is that eating these foods could result in dehydration. To prevent or avoid dehydration, we must eat fruits, vegetables, herbal teas etc compulsorily.

These foods could lead to dehydration during the summer season.

Intake of salty snacks:

It is true that eating salt based snacks in the summers could result in fluid loss from the body. Point is that high salt content would increase the body`s need to flush out excess sodium. It would be super to eat fresh fruits like watermelon having high water content and low in sodium.

Intake of processed meats:

Intake of processed meat etc would make the body lose more water leading to dehydration. The reason for this is due to the presence of sodium and preservatives etc in these foods. It would be good to opt for grilled chicken with vegetables that are low in sodium content and high water content.

Intake of caffeinated drinks:

Through urine also water would be lost from our body. Intake of caffeine based drinks like coffee or tea etc would cause us to lose lots of fluids from our body due to its diuretic nature. It would be superb to drink herbal teas without caffeine content in them.

Intake of alcoholic beverages:

We would have more urine output and dehydration when we drink alcohol which is a diuretic. Instead of alcohol, we could consume coconut water and fresh fruits etc that are healthier alternatives.

Intake of fried foods:

It is known that fried foods are rich in sodium content and fat content. Eating these foods could result in dehydration. Our body would find it tough to digest these fried foods and balance the sodium level. Instead of eating salt based fried foods, we can eat baked sweet potato fries etc.

Intake of sugary snacks:

We could get dehydrated by eating high sugar based snacks too. These foods could cause the body to pull water from the cells and balance sugar levels in the blood. It would be good to eat fresh fruit salads that would make us hydrated.

Intake of pickles and fermented foods etc:

We would lose more water from our body when we eat pickles and other fermented foods as they have sodium content in them. It would be superb to eat fresh vegetables with light vinaigrette made from olive oil and lemon juice etc.

Intake of spicy foods:

When we eat spicy foods in the summers, then there would be more sweating from our body`s leading to dehydration. Instead of eating spicy foods, we could opt for cooling foods like yoghurt or cucumber salads etc.

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