How will you feel if you have sexually transmitted diseases or STD without even knowing it and then transmitting that to your partner? Totally shocked right!!
There are several STD present such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, hepes. Scabies, genital warts , syphilis and life  threatening Human papilloma virus etc. This was as per National Health Services. The symptoms associated with STDs present in the genitals are rashes, pain during peeing, unusual discharge from vagina, bleeding, itching etc.
While these above-mentioned symptoms of STD would not be known to others visually, there are few symptoms of STDs that appear on the face also.
Mouth sores:
Oral herpes symptoms like sores and blisters etc could appear on the mouth, lips and throat etc. Issues like syphilis, gonorrhoea etc could also result in mouth sores. It must be noted that mouth sores would occur when the infection passes  through sexual fluids and through skin to skin contact. From the genitals, the infection could get transmitted into the mouth  when infected genital tissues make contact with the tissues in the mouth.
 Pink eye:
There are some types of bacteria that can cause gonorrhoea as well as pinkish eye or conjunctivitis.By touching the infected genitals and then touching the eyes, the STDs can spread to the eyes.  It is important to treat pink eye condition or else blindness could occur also.
Face rashes:
There are chances that a person with many sex partners could get rashes in the face suddenly.The rashes might first appear on a small patch of skin and spread fast. Medicated moisturizers and body lotions could help the person to get rid of the rashes on the face.
Hair loss:
Even healthy persons could suffer from hair loss and it is a common issue. It is shocking to note that hair loss can also occur when the person has STDs like syphilis etc. The person with STDS might even lose about 1000 strands per day. It was mentioned that the frequency of hairloss in those with STDs would range from  2.9% to 7%. Truth is that moth eaten pattern of hair loss reveals the presence of secondary syphilis.

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