If there is one body part that takes the brunt of our everyday activities silently, it is our legs only!!

It is with the help of the legs we move from one place to another plus legs carry the entire body weight. Therefore, we must take care of our legs as the legs are highly vulnerable to many issues. Bitter fact is that the majority of us would ignore our legs totally unless there is some issue in the legs. This must be avoided. If we get small issues in our legs, then we could treat them at home but we would have to visit a doctor only for treating other issues.

There are few common leg issues we could get

Sudden severe pain:
If the pain in the legs is sudden and does not go away, then it is a cause for worry. The truth is that blockage of arterial blood is shown by the sudden intense pain (with or without discoloration etc)in smokers, diabetics, those with high BP, those with high cholesterol etc.

Foot ulcers:
If a person has diabetes then he or she would get foot issues and it must be treated without fail. The foot issue could be due to nerve damage or due to poor blood circulation etc.

Sudden calf pain, redness etc:
Blood clot in the vein or DPT or deep vein thrombosis would occur if we do not move our legs totally. Persons would have sudden swelling redness in the calf or in the lower limbs etc. By delaying the treatment, there are chances of further complications also.

Black discolouration of toes etc:
If persons with diabetic condition get minor leg issues then there are chances of that becoming gangrene also.  Point is that it would be preceded by pain after walking and relief from pain after taking rest. Here, there would be reduced blood flow to upper or lower limbs that is mostly ignored. Once the foot gets hurt etc, then gangrene would appear as black coloured discolouration.

Sudden weakness on lower limbs:
Small clots going through the diseased arteries supplying the brain would be indicated by the sudden onset of weakness in the lower limbs.  It must be noted that this sudden onset of weakness might be associated with or without slurring speech/ vision issues etc. It is necessary to detect the issue early itself for treatment sake and this would avoid further complications.

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