Maintaining a healthy hormonal balance is very much important.

It is well known that hormones are responsible for functions such as growth, repair and reproduction etc. It is also true that hormones would keep a check on our well being etc.

When there is hormonal imbalance in us, then we could get issues like heart diseases, hair loss, heavy periods, excess of body hairs. Hormonal imbalance can also lead to mental health based issues like depression etc. For the sake of hormonal balance, we must not eat or avoid a few foods such as red meat, processed foods, dairy products, caffeine etc. Not many of us would be aware of the fact that the daily activities could lead to hormonal imbalance in us.

Please take care about these daily habits that can cause hormonal imbalance.

Poor diet:
There are chances of becoming resistant to insulin and getting inflammation etc when we consume a diet rich in processed foods etc. This would lead to hormonal imbalance. The ability of our body to produce and regulate hormones effectively could be disrupted when we consume foods that lack essential nutrients like minerals and vitamins etc.

Not consuming breakfast:
We could get hormonal imbalance in us when we skip breakfast totally. By eating breakfast, our metabolism would get kick-started and there would be hormonal balance in us.

Sedentary lifestyle:
A person could put on weight and become insulin resistant etc by having a sedentary lifestyle. By exercising regularly, it would be possible to regulate cortisol, insulin etc. Our overall hormonal health would become better.

Excess intake of caffeine etc:
We could get adrenal fatigue when we consume caffeine in excessive amounts. It must be noted that the adrenal glands would play a role in hormone production.

Over intake of alcohol:
Our endocrine system would get disrupted when we drink alcohol. This would then affect the hormones like insulin, oestrogen and testosterone etc. The liver would get damaged by chronic alcohol abuse and this would lead to hormonal imbalance etc.

Birth control pills:
There are chances of hormonal imbalance in us when we use birth control pills etc. It is believed that the synthetic hormomone in these birth control pills would result in disruptions in the natural hormone cascade. This could lead to side effects and fertility might get affected after discontinuation of the pills.

Excess or chronic stress:
It is possible to get hormonal imbalance when we have chronic stress. Truth is that stress would release cortisol hormone in us. Increased stress levels would result in high cortisol levels in us and this would lead to hormonal imbalance.

Irregular sleep patterns:
It is necessary that we must get adequate sleep for our body organs to function well. By sleeping adequately, our endocrine organs would function well. Irregular sleep patterns would lead to hormonal imbalance in us.

Point is that dehydration could result in hormonal imbalance in us. When we are not hydrated well then our body would not produce hormones efficiently. We could get hormonal imbalance.

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