Getting strokes is a serious issue. When the supply of blood to the brain gets blocked or when a blood vessel in the brain bursts, then we could get strokes in us. Strokes could be serious and could cause death.

There are 3 types of strokes like ischaemic stroke that is a common type, hemorrhagic stroke and TIA or  transient ischemic attack or mini strokes.  Important information is that those who get strokes would show symptoms in different parts of their bodies.

Various reasons for getting strokes are high BP, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, smoking, obstructive sleep apnea and presence of cardiovascular disease like heart failure, irregular heart beat etc.

It is worth mentioning here that when blood flow to the eyes gets affected then we could get symptoms in our eyes. Please take note of thEse symptoms of strokes in the eyes.

Sudden changes in vision:
It must be noted that when the blood flow to the eyes gets disrupted then we could get blurriness and vision loss etc. These issues could occur either in one or both eyes.

Double vision:
There are chances that we could get double vision also due to strokes. The images would appear double.

Drooping eyelids:
One of the warning signs of strokes is frequent drooling of eyelids. So, please be careful.

Pupillary abnormalities:
It is learnt that when we get strokes then we could have unequal pupil size or unreactive pupils.

Treatment and cure for strokes:
It is possible to treat and cure strokes in us. In the first step, the doctor would restore the blood flow to the brain by means of specific treatment. By this, any further brain damage would be stopped. Then, to get cured from the secondary effects due to brain stroke, the patient would take part in rehabilitation. It is said that the first 3 months after strokes is the important time for the recovery of the patient from stroke. Most improvement in brain health would be witnessed in this time. There are some patients who recover fully while others might have long term issues in them.

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