Having to deal with chronic inflammation of the tissues in the digestive tract is not easy!!
It must be noted that the inflammatory bowel disease or IBD refers to disorders that involve the above. Those with IBD would show symptoms like  diarrhoea, rectal bleeding, pain in the abdomen, fatigue etc. There are 2 types of IBD and they are ulcerative colitis and Crohn`s disease. The point is that in some persons IBD is just a mild issue but in others IBD could be a serious issue. It is important to consult a specialist and get treated. If not treated in time, the IBD could cause damage to the GI tract.
There are few silent signs of IBD that appears on other parts of the body and these are
IBD symptoms on eyes:
Thin layer of tissue between conjunctiva and sclera would get inflamed and this is an silnt sign of IBD. It is also known as episcleritis or acute inflammation of episclera. The persons with episcleritis issue would have reddish colored eyes, soreness and inflammation etc.
IBD symptoms on the skin:
An inflammation of subcutaneous fat or erythema nodosum is one common type of IBD sign that appears on the skin of a person. The skin would have reddish or violet colored swellings and it would be very painful. It has been brought out by the doctors that 10% to 15% persons with IBD would have erythema nodosum issues in them.  Truth is that blisters would turn into a deep ulcer on the skin.
IBD symptoms in mouth:
The lips of the persons with IBD would swell and this is also one important silent symptom of IBD. It was mentioned that at least 20 to 50% of those with IBD would have mouth ulcers. It must be taken into account that these are not mouth lesions and they would be round or oval in shape, yellowish colored and painful.
IBD symptoms in joints:
Arthritis is one of the most common health complications of IBD. This would include psoriatic arthritis, axial spondyloarthritis etc also. It is noteworthy that  the joints present in the arms, legs such as  elbows , wrists, knees in those persons with IBD would get inflamed and sore.
IBD symptoms in liver:
There would be a reduction in the size of the bile ducts due to inflammation in these persons with IBD. This rare issue is called primary sclerosing cholangitis or PSO. The person would have symptoms like itching, jaundice etc.

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