We can have normal nerve function as well as muscle function plus a good immune system etc due to the presence of mineral magnesium in our body. In addition, magnesium also plays a role in keeping our bones healthy and strong and in keeping our heart in good shape etc.

In some persons, the body does not have enough magnesium and this is termed as magnesium deficiency.  A person with magnesium deficiency would show certain symptoms like muscle cramping, weakness, fatigue etc.

Various factors that could result in magnesium deficiency in us are

High alcohol consumption:

Absorption and storage of magnesium would get affected by excess intake of alcohol. It is important to limit the intake of alcohol or totally quit drinking alcohol. It is known that intake of alcohol can also lead to various other health issues in us. So, please be careful.

Chronic diarrhoea:

Magnesium deficiency can also be due to frequent diarrhoea. It is possible to overcome magnesium deficiency by treating the underlying cause for diarrhoea plus by intake of foods rich in magnesium. Truth is that proper treatment and management of GI disorders could lead to improved magnesium absorption in us.

Poor diet intake:

By consuming those foods that have low magnesium we can get magnesium deficiency in us. This deficiency can be overcome by eating foods that are rich in magnesium like green leafy vegetables, nuts etc.

High caffeine consumption:

Majority of us drink tea or coffee etc that have caffeine in them. This would lead to excretion of magnesium through urine. We would be able to come out of magnesium deficiency by drinking these caffeinated drinks in limited amounts plus consuming adequate magnesium

Certain medications etc:

There are possibilities that certain medicines like diuretics, proton pump inhibitors etc can interfere with the magnesium absorption.

Chronic stress:

The magnesium levels in the body would get lowered when we have chronic stress that would trigger stress hormones in us. Therefore, we must follow stress management techniques like yoga, meditation, relaxation methods etc


The decreased absorption of magnesium along with increased urinary absorption would lead to magnesium deficiency in the senior persons. These persons could overcome the magnesium deficiency by consuming more magnesium rich foods and including magnesium supplements etc.

Gastrointestinal or GI disorders:

Magnesium absorption would get impaired by health conditions like celiac disease or Crohn`s disease etc. It is necessary to treat these conditions and include more magnesium supplements.

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