To sustain life, some physical and chemical processes would take place in an organism and these are called metabolism. It must be noted that metabolism is a process in which the foods we eat are converted into energy we use. Those with slower metabolism would have some issues in processing certain foods. This would result in weight gain in those persons. Metabolic rate of a person is influenced by factors like age, weight, height and sex etc.In addition to these factors, diet and lifestyle would also influence metabolism.

These below mentioned daily habits can slow down the metabolism.

Skipping meals:

Many of us skip meals due to various reasons. Truth is that skipping meals would slow down the metabolism. The body would go into a conservation mode when it doesn`t get enough nutrients due to skipping meals. The body would not function properly. The metabolism would get slowed down to conserve energy to prevent starvation.

Not drinking enough water:

Many of us would not be aware of the importance of drinking water. Water plays a huge role in p[erformign functions like body temp maintenance, flushing out toxins etc. When we do not drink adequate water then we could have dehydration issues. This would make our body not function optimally and would result in slow metabolism.

Eating too few calories:

It is learnt that when we eat too few calories, then the body would go into a conservation mode and slow down the metabolism to conserve energy. So, please be careful.

Lack of sleep:

The body would produce less leptin when we do not sleep well. This hormone leptin regulates appetite and metabolism in us. This would lead to increased appetite and reduced metabolism etc.

Not consuming enough proteins:

For building and repairing muscle tissue, protein is needed. By not consuming enough proteins, our metabolism would get slowed down. It is worth mentioning here that by not eating enough proteins our body would break down muscle tissue for energy that could lead to slower metabolism.

Excess stress:

Metabolism in us would get slowed down when excess cortisol is secreted. This would happen when we have excess stress. Managing the stress levels is very essential. This could be achieved by means of meditation, yoga and by breathing exercises etc.

Sitting for too long:

There are chances of metabolism to get slowed down when we sit for too long. The body would lose its ability to burn calories when we sit for longer duration. Some kind of mobility is very important.

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