Many of us have diabetes these days and it has become part and parcel of our lives.

It must be noted that diabetes is a chronic condition that would affect how our body would process glucose or simple sugar. The two types of diabetes are type 1 diabetes and type- 2 diabetes. It is really shocking that these days many children are also getting affected by this chronic condition due to factors like obesity or sedentary lifestyle etc. Hence, parents have to be very careful in dealing with their children with diabetes. This is termed as juvenile diabetes.

There are several reasons why children get affected by diabetes. They are

Lack of physical activity:
These days, children do not go out in the sun to play or do some kind of physical activity etc. They mostly stay in their houses, watch TV or play games on their mobile phones etc. This could make them more prone to diabetes. Parents must promote a healthy and active lifestyle for their kids and reduce their sedentary behaviours.

Poor diet:
The children mostly prefer high calorie, processed sugary foods and these are dangerous in the long run. Eating these foods would result in diabetes in the kids. Parents must make their kids eat whole grains, lean proteins, fruits etc and minimise the intake of processed and sugary foods etc.

Presence of excess body weight or being obese could lead to diabetes in the children. Therefore, the parents must monitor the weight and BMi or body mass index of their kids regularly and make their children have a healthy body weight.

This reason might not be in the control of the parents. Truth is that having a family history of diabetes would increase the chances of diabetes in the kids. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle would lower the risk of getting diabetes in the kids.

Insufficient sleep:
Kids have more chances of getting diabetes if they are not able to get enough sleep. Parents must encourage good sleep hygiene practices and must make sleep a priority to lower the risk of diabetes.

Children could get diabetes in them due to stress. Parents must watch out for the signs of stress like mood swings or behavioural changes etc in their kids. They must make their children manage stress with the help of stress management techchniques like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc.