After eating certain foods, if you get an allergy, don`t worry, you are not alone!!

Sometimes, our body`s immune system would react to certain proteins present in the foods and this could lead to food allergies in us. The bitter truth is that food allergies cannot be cured completely. It must be noted that the symptoms of food allergy might vary from mild ones to very severe ones also. Hence,  we must be very careful when we eat foods.
Various commonly occuring food allergies in us are

Prawn allergy:
It is noteworthy that the allergy we get after eating prawns falls under seafood allergy. Hre, some proteins are misunderstood  by our immune system as harmful. Proteins like tropomyosin,  arginine kinase, parvalbumin etc can lead to allergies in us. In some persons, seafood allergies would lead to severe rashes in the body plus itching, respiratory issues etc.

Egg allergy:
Especially in the kids, eggs are regarded as the most common food allergens. It is worth mentioning here that the egg white and egg yolk have different types of proteins in them and this would trigger an allergy in us. After eating eggs, egg allergic persons can get digestive issues , respiratory issues etc.

Peanut allergy:
Many of us eat peanuts without knowing that it can lead to allergies. Truth is that intake of peanuts can cause severe allergic reactions in some persons. It has been brought out by some research that peanut allergy could be passed on from one generation to another.

Wheat allergy:
Gluten sensitivity is often confused with wheat allergy. Certain proteins present in the wheat can lead to wheat allergy. It is important to note that celiac disease occurs due to gluten present in any food. It is important that we eliminate wheat from the food to avoid wheat allergy in us.

Cow milk allergy:
There is some confusion present between lactose intolerance and cow milk allergy. Point is that persons with lactose intolerance would avoid milk totally but those with cow milk allergy would avoid just the intake of cow milk. There are few symptoms that are associated with cow milk allergy like swelling, rashes, hives etc.

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