Do you feel gassy and uncomfortable after eating certain foods?

Our day would get kick started by eating breakfast or the first meal of the day. Point to be noted is that when we eat breakfast we would get optimal energy that would enable us to do our daily activities. Therefore, we must consume a wholesome breakfast. By not eating the right foods during breakfast, we could get digestive based problems. Many of us would experience digestive issues such as gas and flatulence etc. it is important that we must not consume certain foods during breakfast that would lead to these above said digestive issues.

The foods to avoid during breakfast are

Avoid drinking excess coffee or tea:
Though these drinks cannot be avoided totally, we must not consume them in excess amounts during breakfast. We could get gas issues when we drink these drinks excessively as these drinks could lead to stomach acid production.

Avoid cabbage or cauliflower intake:
It is a known fact that cabbage and cauliflower are healthy. Truth is that we must avoid these vegetables during breakfast as these have complex carbohydrates that are not easy to digest and would trigger gas in the stomach. So, please be careful.

Avoid apples and pears:
When we eat breakfast we must choose low fructose fruits such as melons or berries etc for the sake of easy digestion. Do not eat high fructose fruits like apples and pears etc as they could lead to bloating and gas etc.

Avoid raw cucumber and onions:
It is noteworthy that raw vegetables are hard to digest and consuming raw vegetables with high fibres in them would not be good for breakfast. It is true that raw cucumber and onions would be difficult to break down and they could lead to gas formation in us. We can choose cooked vegetables like steamed carrots etc for breakfast.

Avoid corn:
Instead of corn for breakfast, we can eat others like quinoa etc. Not many of us would know that corn contains a substance called cellulose and it would be really challenging for the digestive system to process cellulose.

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