Winter season is that period of the year where the winds would be nice and chilly and we would not sweat that much. Therefore, it is obvious that many of us would love the winters after the harsh scorching summers. It is important to note that the winter season would also make us prone to many common health issues like cold, cough and fever etc. Many of us get persistent coughs during the winter seasons and would find it very tough to manage. There are few diet based mistakes we must avoid to be free from or manage this persistent cough.

Various mistakes that we could make are

Mistake of consuming cheese and milk etc:
Many of us would love to eat cheese and milk during the winter season without knowing the fact that these would increase the mucus production plus worsen the cough. An important solution for this would be to opt for other alternatives like almond or oat milk etc. It is necessary to choose non-dairy soups and yoghurts etc that would calm down the throat. Please be careful.

Mistake of not drinking enough water:
The cold weather would make us forget drinking water and hydration would be overlooked. Bitter fact is that by being dehydrated due to the non intake of water the throat would feel scratchier and the healing process would be hindered. To avoid this we must drink water or herbal teas etc throughout the day.

Mistake of eating processed delights:
 When we eat processed foods then the inflammation would get triggered. This would then slow down the recovery process. It is necessary to opt for whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals etc. Examples are fruits, vegetables and lean proteins etc would boost the immune system. This would lower or reduce cough etc.

Mistake of intake of citrus fruits and drinks:
The sensitive throat lining would get irritated when we consume citrus fruits etc rich in vitamin C. In this scenario, we must not eat excess citrus fruits like lemons, grapefruits, oranges etc and instead opt for small amounts. So, please be careful.

Mistake of intake of tea or coffee in excess:
Many of us think that hot coffee or tea would help with the cough but that is not true. Excess intake of caffeine would interfere with sleep and this would slow down the recovery process. It would be better to switch to decaffeinated options like herbal teas etc.

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